Our values

Our values are simple and long-lasting: integrity, quality manufacturing, commitment to customer needs, environmental soundness & safety, and community social responsibility.

Each of these has an explanation and deep meaning for us:


We act in accordance with our words and values. We comply with the laws and respect the good business practices, and for this reason our devotion to the value of integrity has been a cornerstone of our success. As most astute businessmen know, the qualities of honesty, reliability, and integrity are not only important values to hold for their own-sake, but are traits which most customers appreciate more than we can ever imagine.


Although quality is often thought of as a subjective attribute, quality assurance (prevention of defects) and quality control (detection of defects) are central components of our manufacturing process. We believe in and put into practice the statement by Peter Drucker who said: "Quality in a product is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for".

Commitment to Customer Needs

Our business processes are oriented towards adding long-term value and competitiveness. In partnership with our customers, we help them be more successful by our organizational flexibility in helping them in reducing costs and attaining higher productivity.

Environmental Soundness & Safety

We share the public's concerns about safety and environmental soundness. Therefore we act in a responsible manner and will not compromise on environmental issues or safety matters, since economic considerations can never take priority over safety and health issues, or environmental protection.

Liya's commitment to the environment can be seen by just a few of the many projects we have undertaken beginning with the factory's building site and construction. The plant was chosen in a location which is many kilometers from any residential housings, and in its construction the highest environmental guidelines were enforced. Currently, for sustainability purposes, the factory's sewage treatment plant has been re-designed and built to process and provide agricultural quality water for the cultivation of over 10 hectares of factory owned land and the plantation of over 2,000 trees..

Sense of Responsibility toward Society

Industrial development is one of the various methods employed toward economic development in which job creation, adding value and distribution of wealth in an economy and society are a reliable indicator of economic development. In our industrial activity we play an active role in improving our society and in this regard we participate in various welfare and charity activities. It is our pleasure to serve you and we are thankful for your support which will help us to reach these goals.